Price vs Quality

In my previous article "India a price sensitive market" I shared my thoughts about how consumers are sensitive to the price of an item but not to its quality. This article is again sharing my thoughts about how high price indicates high quality and vice versa.
Buyers of craft supplies in India beware of companies that sell products that are sourced from China. Note here that I emphasize on the word "Source" and not "Made" in China. These products are cheap but are not meant to last longer. Do not get attracted by their low price. These products do help you in acquiring more customers but your reputation might be at stake when these customers notice their papers turning yellow or their items deteriorating with time.

Here's an interesting blurb from an article "Why Made in China Doesn't Mean Quality"
You see, we bicker about price so much [moreso than value and reliability] that we’re really shooting ourselves in the foot.  How? As we’re pushing retailers for lower prices, we’re buying tons of cheap crap made overseas, and this reinforces the retailers to seek lower costs by having these goods made there and not in the USA.
Stuff that’s made in China or (Fabrique en Chine) as I also see, means buying something that’s cheap (yes), but we’re also buying stuff that’s CHEAP, which alternateively means it’s not a high-quality item.
These products are made cheaply with inferior materials, and put together with cheap labor  - and at the same time we’re expecting quality? WOAH WOAH WOAH! We can’t have both!
Would you still like to buy cheap products?? Look out for products that are sourced from US/UK companies that have their manufacturing units in China. These products will be priced somewhere in between the ones exclusively made in US/UK and the ones exclusively sourced from China.

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  1. Thanks for writng Vaibhavi - it is just a thought to ponder for all crafters