Trick or Treat..

October 31st is celebrated in USA as a Halloween Day. A day when every kid steps out of their home and visit their neighbors to either be tricked or treated and most of the times they get both! Neighbors dress up their yards with scary creatures and have baskets filled with candies to give away. Simply said, it is loads of fun!

But why am I saying this more than a week ahead? Well, today I have a small treat for all my followers to enjoy and the trick associated with that is that you will have to leave comments on this blog addressing the following points -

1. What inspires you to visit Hands 2 Hearts blog?
2. How often do you visit us?
3. What is the most loved factor of this blog?
4. What would you like to see more on this blog?
5. Propose at least one new thing that you would like to see on this blog?

Everyone who leaves a comment on this blog from now till November 1st will receive an email with a code to download a free version of the latest digital software released by My Memories (a $ 40 value). Last date to download this software is November 3rd. So don't be shy - leave your comments right away. It is your time to be treated for the loyalty you have shown towards this blog!

Remember, to leave a comment with your email id or email me after you have left a comment on this blog so I will reply back with the code and the details on how to apply it.



  1. 1) the design and information inspires me
    2) every time there is a new post, i visit the blog
    3) the page itself
    4) more products :)
    5) inspirations, techniques


    1. Thank you Seema for your feedback. Please check your email for more details.