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A fellow blogger asked me a question -
Hi, just out of curiosity want to know what do you do besides crafting? Because I do not find you on Facebook frequently. What I found though is that you are different from all other crafters who are set for a race. Can I know more about you?
Megha, first I want to sincerely thank you for showing your interest in learning more about me.

All those who have been following me since long know already that in 2003, shortly after my daughter's birth, I was introduced to scrapbooking in a very informal way. In 2005, upon my return to India, I wanted to remain a full-time mom while doing something productive with my time. Being passionate about creativity and having an urge to introduce something new to India, led me into launching "Gala Snap" in 2006. Under this brand name I provided services like creating unique photo albums, frames and other photo gifts within Bangalore.

In 2008 my family moved to Navi Mumbai and there was a big break in my career which gave me time to research more about scrapbooking as an art. I quickly got hooked to stamping and creating cards and layouts using pattern paper. I saw this as an opportunity to introduce new concepts to India and launched a new brand "Scrap Korner" in 2008. Under this brand, I taught classes, conducted workshops, provided craft supplies imported from USA/UK and served as a mentor to individuals who wanted to start their own business.

Back then no forums existed where I could connect with like-minded crafters to share my passion and there was absolutely no one to mentor me. But thanks to a few in-house exhibitions and the website that pooled a variety of crafters in discovering Scrap Korner that kept my business going.

It was a journey of 7 challenging years, that taught me new things and gave me the courage to think "outside-the-box." Ever since, I haven't looked back - my idea of generating the desire for crafts, my interest in motivating people to learn this as an art and my goal of creating a platform for individual crafters has gone far beyond my imagination.

I prefer keeping my business on a low-profile till my 9 years old daughter gets to an age where she is fully self-sufficient :) I don't want my business to deviate me from giving her the love, care and attention that she needs at this age. I am also not interested in getting into any kind of race, simply because I believe in my ability of providing the highest quality of exclusive products and services in the market.  

Besides my business, I work part-time at Venture Center (a not-for-profit, technology business incubator) as a Manager-Fundraising. My work involves raising funds for this organization to support them for the various activities they provide to their beneficiaries.

So between doing a part-time job, running around with my daughter to her classes and helping her with her studies  - I barely get time to craft. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter simply gives me a chance to connect with other crafters but I only visit these networks when I want to share some news or artwork with others.

I am sure many of you would have several such questions lingering on your mind about me and my company "Scrap Korner". So with this question, I am inviting all my followers to ask me as many questions as they wish and I will try to answer them here on this blog. You can either add a comment to this post with your question or send me an email to



  1. Thanks a lot vaibhavi,its nice to know about you dear.very inspiring lifestyle came in lime light .thanks a lot.

  2. Vaibhavi it's nice to know about you and your journey .. i can relate to the point of not being in any race and just doing your work .. :)