Challenge # 8 : Celebrating Womanhood

It's time again to announce our new challenge and this time let's honor all women who are contributing in various ways to their families. Be it a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend or a colleague - they all deserve a little appreciation. So this challenge is all about Celebrating Womanhood. Create any work that compliments a woman for the many roles she plays in everyone's life.

Here are some boxes created to enclose a special gift for each girl / lady / woman who has touched my life!

For my younger sister

For my youngest sister who recently became a mother

For my loving mom

For my adorable daughter
Now if this has inspired you to make your own masterpiece(s) - then jump right out to create something from scratch (no back links please). Kindly abide by the rules suggested on this challenge blog. Once your project is ready click on "Add Linkz" button below to submit your project.

The deadline to participate for this challenge is March 31, 2013.


  1. Such beautiful giftboxes Vaibhavi all elegant and stylish!

    1. Thank You Dr. Sonia for admiring my work.

      I am really sorry for not replying to your comment earlier. As you know I was tied up with personal things that limited my online presence.

      Once again I appreciate your time in commenting on my work.

  2. i was not aware that only one entry per person is allowed and wish to remove one entry,,how do i do it?

    1. Dear Nehal,

      Please note the guidelines on the right side bar that says "Each participant can enter up to three different projects each month." Not sure where you read 1 entry per participant.