New Products and Services

We are proud to introduce our new range of products and services which will be available to every one across India starting May 2013.

First and foremost - we will be coming up with our first version of an online store where you will find ready-made products like paper flowers, stamped embellishments, die-cuts, pre-designed photo layouts and much much more.

In addition to our new line of products we will also be offering you the service of designing exclusive digital layouts that you could instantly and effortlessly share with your loved ones. Simply give us a digital copy of your photos and select your theme - we will do the rest!    

An inspirational series of videos will be streamlined from time to time on this blog displaying unique artwork pieces created to motivate you in creating your own masterpieces.

Finally, a new range of Learn & Create workshops will be introduced, giving you an opportunity to learn as you create your own projects. While it will be best to attend these workshops in person, a virtual session with step-by-step instructions and materials will be provided if you would like to learn & create from the convenience of your home.

We would love to hear from you and know if there is something that we are missing which we could offer to you. We would also like to see if you are as eager to see our new products and experience our new services as we are in creating them for you!

Your thoughts do matter to us - so speak up and let us know what you think and want! We will try our best to meet your expectations.


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