Design Team Application Round 3

We have started the process of selecting candidates who will be part of our Design Team for the 3rd term. The deadline to apply for this position is April 30th, 2013. If you or anyone you know might be interested in being a part please email me your application and attach a photo of one fresh artwork of your choice.

Please note that the following rights and responsibilities are shared by each H2H Design Team member :


  1. Vote 4 candidates at the end of each challenge
  2. Display of your creation on H2H blog before every challenge
  3. Showcase your creation on your blog only after the challenge is released
  4. Appreciate all participants for their hard work by commenting on their blogs
  5. Brag on your blog about being on H2H Team
  1. Create an artwork related to the theme of upcoming challenge(s)
  2. Submit your artwork by attaching a file to H2H Google Group 
  3. Be fair in choosing participants at the end of each challenge
  4. Submit your votes by posting on H2H Google Group 
  5. Congratulate winners by commenting on H2H Blog

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