Claiming your Gift Vouchers

This post is dedicated to all H2H challenge winners from the very beginning.

I understand your confusion about claiming your gift voucher and not being able to see an online store on any of my sites. This post is intended to answer your concerns but before I get started let me give you a brief overview of what's happening at Scrap Korner.

We are currently working on developing our own line of products - to clearly differentiate ourselves from other scrapbooking sellers in the market. We are putting in a lot of efforts in creating unique end-products that will change the way Scrap booking and Paper Crafting industry works in India. But this demands a lot of time and commitment that we have been giving since past few years. And above all tons of patience.

However, we do not want our customers to lose out on the opportunity of utilizing their gift voucher so we are offering a few alternatives -

1. Hold on to your gift vouchers and each of you will be contacted as and when the products are ready
2. Use your gift vouchers by visiting our studio personally and picking products of your choice
3. Use your gift vouchers by sharing your wish list and our team will inform you of all the products that have been sourced from various countries other than China
4. Use your gift vouchers by signing up for any of our upcoming online workshops at Studio V
5. Use your gift vouchers by placing a personal order (albums, cards, home decor items etc)

Hope this has clarified your doubts. If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me up at 97300.77168 or send me an email and I will be happy to assist you further.

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  1. Vaibhavi you are actually losing out on business by not sharing what exactly you sell!! I for one dont keep track of brands and such stuff and am a visual buyer..that is why I splurge when I visit a shop.Unfortunately your shop is in Pune so will have to wait till you have an online shop ready and will drop in then!