Claim your Gift Voucher

Congratulations once again to all the winners. Kindly claim your gift voucher that's available on this blog under the link Gift Voucher on the top bar. Gift Vouchers can be claimed towards any product or service offered by Scrap Korner. Scrap Korner offers a wide range of products like pattern paper, tools, stamps, inks, dimensional elements, stickers and much more sourced from a variety of branded US/UK companies. Since the turnover of these items is too high I am unable to provide you with specific pictures. If you are located in or around Pune, you could visit our studio to claim your voucher. In other cases, you can email me your wish list and I shall get back to you with all details in less than 2 business days.

Please Note that shortly, Scrap Korner is going to launch its own line of products that will be listed on Studio V blog and winners from all seven challenges, who have not yet claimed their voucher will be personally contacted. Winner can claim their voucher by placing a minimum order of Rs. 1500.



  1. Thank you has actually not been very clear how to claim the prize so not claimed so far. Will wait for you to upload the pics as I have no "wish list"!

  2. Hi Vaibahvi..I too agree with Dr. Sonia..I didn't found any products at Scrap korner...

  3. Same here and I didn't even receive the sponsored prize for challenge #6 .I had mailed my details within the time span !

  4. Dear Sonia, Poornima and Pooja,

    There is a long answer to this concern but I would like to summarize it by saying -

    1. Hang on to your vouchers - you will be able to claim them as soon as I launch my online store.

    2. If you are in urgent need of something - send me an email and I shall get back to you with quotes and pictures

    3. If you have sent an email with your details but have not got any response from me - means that I have not received your email. In such cases, kindly resend your details.

    Kindly note that only 1 prize is given out to the lucky winner and all others get the gift voucher that is posted on this blog.

    Hope this clears out your doubt. You are welcome to call me at 97300.77168 if you have any more concerns.