One last move...

During my childhood days I remember that there was nothing more enjoyable for me than to explore new places and make new friends along the way. What I didn't anticipate though was the challenge of keeping up with the change and ever growing responsibilities - husband, daughter, business and job. To give you a scenario - in past 15 years I have lived in 2 continents, 7 states, 9 cities and 17 different addresses. While I know that this is no where close to breaking a record of any sort, I do believe that this is much more than what I could personally handle :)

Finally, we are moving into our own place which means one last move! Are you wondering why I am sharing this with you? Well, with every move one of the things that got compromised was my blog and my hobby. Yes, the reason I have been so irregular with my posts lately is because of this change that's affecting every aspect of my life. Once I settle down, I will have some room to breathe and will be back to my regular schedule of offering new services, making new products and inspiring you with my creations!

So wish me luck and bare my absence for sometime!


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