A long gap...

For all my followers who are wondering where have I been and why no posts / newsletter for the month of August? Let me share with you a short story and the reason behind my going aloof for several weeks :)

In June, I started working part-time for a not for profit organization as an Outreach Manager. The same month I was busy training my new employee who was helping me with my business. I was glad that I was able to efficiently manage my job, run my business, train my new employee and dedicate enough time to my family. However, in July, my F.I.L had a massive heart attack and the first few weeks went in hauling myself between two homes and hospital. Later my husband was away taking care of his father and I was home managing everything on my own.. All these together came at the cost of  my blogging.

So here I am now, sharing a part of my life with you and hoping to be back on my routine soon :)



  1. Good to see you dear... Hope things get settle down soon. Take care!

  2. So sorry to hear abt your FIL hope he gets well soon and your problems are resolved ...take care :)

  3. Thanks Jyoti. I hope the same too :)

  4. Thanks Huseena for your wishes. I look forward to getting back on my track and start blogging as before :)