29 Ways to stay creative

Source: Born Story Teller

For me, creativity is a process of learning and an art of thinking "out of the box"!

When I started scrapbooking back in 2003, I created two scrapbooks that I rarely talk about these days. Simply because since then I have explored new art forms that enhanced my skills in creating better artwork and so I rarely appreciate what I started off as a novice. But in my conscious I know they were the building blocks for my today's creativity.

Over the years, I have had chance to transform myself into a better artist simply by doing the same thing again and again in different ways and learning from the mistakes I made in the past. With my experience I can say one thing that it doesn't matter what you create but it does matter to stay creative.  

Life on Michigan Ave has put together this list of -
I hope this article will push you enough to continue on the path of creativity!