20 Ways to be more creative

Source: Creative Class

I've always believed that creativity is an art that one can acquire and cultivate over a period of time with practice. Its purely an art driven by passion and not inherent skills. So if you are the one who thinks "I am not creative", you might change your mind after reading this.

In a recent article published by Business Standard, Anvar Alikhan reviews the book "Imagine How Creativity Works" by Jonah Lehrer. In this article he highlights what Jonah has written in this book : 20 ways to be more creative.
  1. Don't be focused or serious... relax, have fun!
  2. Work with people who are different from yourself
  3. Work on problems at the fringes of your specialty
  4. Have a good laugh before looking at the problem
  5. Paint your walls blue
  6. Smoke a little marijuana (I disagree)
  7. Think like a child
  8. Practice day-dreaming
  9. Try to rotate yourself through your business, periodically
  10. If you're a "day person", think about the problem at night (and vice versa)
  11. Piggyback on other people's experiences (and vice versa)
  12. Think about the problem when you're drowsy
  13. Re-state the problem in general terms (not specific)
  14. Pretend you're far away from the problem
  15. Don't sit in a small room
  16. Go for long walks
  17. Take long, hot showers
  18. Have a diverse circle of friends
  19. Travel a lot
  20. Be happy!
This book seems quite intriguing to me and if its the same for you than keep reading as I share more from my readings in the near future.


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