Time to Get Creative

Free up some time for your creative outlet!
Nowadays, when jobs, family responsibilities, school, friends, relatives and special events make so many demands on our time, we deny ourselves the chance to take a break, change the pace of our day and exercise our minds in a different way. We need that time and that creative outlet to focus on just one thing for a change, one thing that we have greater control over than the other variables in our lives.

Now instead of waiting for free time to magically come along on that rare lazy Sunday afternoon, free up some time in your busy day and book yourself a retreat with Scrap Korner. Come along to get pampered and do some creative work that you will love to brag about. Go back home with a sense of satisfaction when you complete a project handcrafted by you! Even if you give away the completed project, the gift of time and relaxation you've given yourself will make you feel much better!


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