What to do with your Digital Photos?

Today with the popularity and convenience of digital cameras, people take so many more photos than ever before. However, these photos remain lost in the cyberspace, tucked away on a hard drive where no one is ever going to see them. But now its time to take those photos out of your computer and place them on your coffee table for all to enjoy!

The quick and easy way to put all your photos on display is to print your favorite photos and put them into photo albums. But there is one drawback - the stories behind those photos are lost unless you write them down. Even the most unforgettable memories lose some of its vibrancy over time.

That's where scrapbooking comes in picture. Scrapbooking is essentially the part where you bring words and pictures together in form of photos paired with journaling. Scrapbooking helps you to capture those little and big moments of your life, so that you can enjoy them with your loved ones again and again.  

For past many years, Scrap Korner's paper scrapbooking products have helped many to get their photos out of their boxes and into beautiful scrapbooks worth displaying. Now Scrap Korner brings you its digital studio, that lets you skip that extra step of printing your photos before you scrapbook them. With our digital studio, you can get beautifully designed digital scrapbook pages delivered right to your door step, ready to slip into your 12" x 12" scrapbook album.

We also give you an option to just purchase JPG files of your layouts. This includes - one high-resolution version for archiving or printing more copies, and one web-ready version for you to email to your loved ones, upload to your blog, or post to Facebook or Twitter. It makes sharing your photos and your stories easier than ever!

Try out with our 5 pack membership to find out how quickly and easily you can get 10 finished scrapbook pages, preserving not only your photos but all those important stories related to them!


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