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Thanks to all of you who have already subscribed to Studio V. Today I am so happy to announce the launch of our newsletter - Scrap Korner {News Flash}. I am so very excited to bring you helpful tidbits each month that will support your creative endeavors.

In each newsletter, I plan to share the latest news and updates from Scrap Korner. This includes new products and services, events schedule, special promotions and limited time offers. From product showcase to useful tips and techniques, you will find tons of inspirations to get your creative juices flowing. You will learn about the art of scrapbooking and how to make the most of your memories (digital and traditional). I hope to give you an inside look at how this industry works, and what to expect from the wonderful world of paper crafting. And of course, I will occasionally share with you the feedback I receive from my customers as well as followers!

If you would like to participate in my newsletter: whether you would like to display your artwork, share some great advice, leave us a feedback, or anything of that nature, please feel free to email me at (put ‘Newsletter’ in the subject line).

Many of you are already subscribed, but if you would like to receive this monthly newsletter, there is a form on the left sidebar of this blog that says “Join our mailing list” Enter your information and hit "Subscribe" to have access to all the insider information from our newsletter.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you! So…let’s get started.



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