Love being a...

I have so much I'd like to be blogging about but lately I have been too busy delivering custom orders, training new staff, updating the blog and website with new features, introducing our first newsletter and not to mention being home with my 8 year old daughter.

Let me first start off with sharing about our long-awaited family vacation. I haven't had a time-off from work for a long time and so was desperately waiting for a break. I wished for a place where I could simply relax and spend uninterrupted time with my hubby and my lovely daughter. To my surprise, my wish came true when we took our short trip to Hari Hareshwar and Dive Agar early June. To learn more about our trip or to simply enjoy some good pictures - visit my daughter's blog.

Next I would like to showcase my latest custom orders which I have been longing to share with you for a while.

Birthday Gift: 6 page mini-album
Anniversary Gift: 15 pages personalized album

Wondering why am I mentioning all these now? Well, for one I have been facing some internet issues and so I finally got my Tata Photon today! Yippee.. And two, sorting out piled up work is not easy - it takes more time and extra efforts to reconnect.

So here I am, back to business and ready to share with you what I love doing the most. If you haven't figured that out by now then let me tell you that its scrap booking - the second love of my life!


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  1. good to see u back after so long!!! the albums are really pretty... waiting for more updates now tht u gt the photon... :) the vacation luks like fun.. and makes me wish for one too :)