Paper Magnets

Today I made a few paper magnets for one of my customer who wanted to surprise her friend and her boss with these adorable wedding gift before they arrive from their honeymoon.

Ms. Rajgopal (customer) had spotted me during my recent exhibition and had visited me a few weeks ago to brainstorm on handmade wedding gifts for this couple. She didn't want anything that's commonly available in the market. Instead wanted something that's personalized, has a lasting impression and at the same time has nothing to do with photos. So we looked through various options and finally sealed on making magnets as this couple love collecting magnets.

Since wordings played a significant role Ms. Rajgopal worked really hard in creating these beautiful quotes. Putting her efforts to work our next task was to select paper which surprisingly took hardly any time.

But the main challenge was to get the prints done in less than 24 hours, which I could manage only because of my printing guy who took the order and delivered it in no time.

Once I got the prints it took me 2 hours in creating the four magnets. Next I wanted to give each its own personal look - a feminine look with a crown for the lady of the house, a masculine look for the heart of the family and finally a simple cute look for the baby of the house - their pet.

I really thank Ms. Rajgopal for not only giving me this wonderful idea of creating text magnets but also for trusting me in doing this job. I hope that the couple loves their gift which as unique as their friend who ordered these for them.


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  1. Hi Vaibhavi... Thanx a tonne for helping me convey my feeling for my best friends in such a unique way.. The magnets covered my need to express how i see them as a family and the you did a terrific job designing each magnet, keeping their individual traits in mind... They look Spectacular and hats off to you for making them so perfect on such a stringent deadline... Couldn't have visualised something more perfect...!!!
    All the best for your future endeavors and keep working from the heart... :)