High Spirits Exhibition Review

This event was organized by High Spirits - a pub located in the heart of one of the posh localities of Pune - Koregaon Park. A place where mostly youngsters hang out to listen to live music while enjoying drinks and food. I was quite excited about this exhibition primarily because of its location. However, the experience was quite unexpected.

We got off with an early start with our set up ready by 6:30 pm and that too with a prime spot right at the entrance. The place was expected to be crowded by 7:00 pm. However as the clock struck 8:00 we all got a bit anxious to find out why the place was so empty? Soon enough we found out that it was a dry day being Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary. That explains why people weren't showing up! The organizers felt bad as no one could make any sales and refunded a portion of their investment. The only people who managed to book some sales were those selling food - as all other vendors were hungry :)

Thankfully, my hubby accompanied me so we spent some good time together listening to live music, enjoying the great food and having time to chat and brainstorm... It was surely an one-of-a-kind experience that left us with one conclusion - do your homework well before booking up the show.

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