My experience of doing exhibitions...

As part of Scrap Korner, I have done quite a few exhibitions since 2008 - some big while some really small ones.. The thought for this post occurred while I was working on my upcoming exhibitions at High Spirits, Pune and the one within my community. There are many lessons that I have learned from my past exhibitions and today I would like to share them with you.

1. Why did I think of participating in such exhibitions -
  • A great way to introduce products in new markets
  • A strong reason to get started on creating projects
  • A good substitution to renting a shop on monthly basis
  • To educate the market about the art of scrapbooking
  • A reasonable source of publicity and to find distributors

2. What mistakes did I make before and after such exhibitions -
  • Didn't follow the time-line that I had put for each exhibitions
  • Stayed up late night and compromised my health & family
  • Didn't have enough time on hand to prepare thoroughly
  • Not enough research done on which exhibitions to actually participate
  • Didn't build a database of those who showed interest but didn't shop

3. Are exhibitions worth your time, money and efforts -
  • May Be -
    If its not too expensive and if there is enough time to prepare
  • Probably Not -
    If there are many others happening around the same time
  • Definitely Not -
    If the cost is too high

4. Who is profitable from such exhibitions -
  • Definitely the organizers
  • May be the customers 
  • Vary rarely the one paying for the stall

5. Conclusion -
  • Consider exhibitions as your marketing expense 
  • Decide your marketing budget & choose each exhibition wisely
  • Develop a process & start planning at least a year in advance
  • Be prepared at least two weeks before the upcoming exhibition
  • Keep database of all those who bought and showed interest

If you have something to share feel free to comment on this post.

Thank you.

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