Is it really possible to clone yourself ?

I wish there was some kind of formula that would make clones of yourself so that you can be at different places with different people at the same time! Why am I saying that?

Well, recently I am torn between family and work. My sister is visiting me, my maids have changed so I have to start training them from scratch, my daughter needs help with her studies, my husband would prefer to spend more time with me and I haven't even thought about myself yet. I couldn't imagine another solution than to clone myself and entertain everyone simultaneously.

Life has been quite busy lately and so I have put all my work and blogging on hold for sometime. That's one reason why you haven't seen any virtual club posts for a while. And thankfully my virtual club members have been quite understanding and cooperative. I will make sure their patience is rewarded with a surprise gift from my end.

Hopefully by the end of this year I shall resume blogging!


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