Diwali Bazzar at Blue Sea, Worli

We recently had displayed our artwork at Diwali Bazaar Exhibition organized by Rising Sun on last Thursday at Blue Sea, Worli. It was an incredible experience with my two designers Laxmi Pillai and Dipti Soni.

The fun began Thursday morning, as we started getting ready for this big day. It was our first at this location and so all of us were anxious to see the outcome.

While most stall keepers were selling either garments, shoes, accessories or jewelry, we were the only one selling paper-crafted goods. With the uniqueness came the challenge of introducing the art of scrapbooking to our observers. A lot of people didn't know what were we offering and how they can use it? Customers were showing interest in our products but had one question on top of their mind - "What is this?"

Now from the display it seems quiet obvious that these are hand-made products, created using paper and accessories. Some of these are related to memories while others are simply home-decor or gifting items. However, it was not as easy as it sounds, because what seemed so apparent to us was not that easily understood by our customers. Simply because they had never seen these before.

To add up to our challenge, World Trade Center, Mumbai was having exhibition on the same day so the foot-falls were really really low. Many stall-keepers were showing their grievances for not making enough sales. Yet we did fairly decent amount of sales but what made us more happy was that each and every customer showed interest, appreciated our work and took our business card for future communication.

Our product line consisted of Photo Pages, Cards, Bookmarks, Frames, Wall Hangings, Table-Top Displays, albums, do-it-yourself kits and albums. At the end of the day we came to a conclusion that Scrap-booking indeed is a new form of art in India and it does need some sincere hard-work in spreading it around the nation.


  1. wow, dat luks like a lot of fun... seems u guys did pretty gud... well done and all the best for follow up orders:)