Happy Independence Day

Yesterday was a day full of mix feelings. We lost a close family member from my husband's side on 14th while at the same time my parents celebrated their 37th engagement anniversary on this 15th. During such times the best thing that keeps you going is scrapbooking.. However, I must admit that this time it was an event that kept me going. This event was organized by Rotary Club of Pune and I was hired to anchor the show.

For all those who don't know, my other venture - GalaKidz - is an edutainment company started in 2006 during my stay in Bangalore. The focus here is on early childhood education and entertainment. I am quite blessed to be able to do something because I love to do it and not because I have to do it.

Finally, I am so happy to say that the Virtual Club is growing on a fast pace. For all my readers, I have a small information to share.. once we become a team of 10 or more, I will introduce monthly challenges where by you stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Wouldn't that be FUN!!

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