Custom Party Order II : Party Favors

The four essential steps to throwing a great party are Invitations, Decorations, Party Favors and Activities.

This party was no exception. Everything was so well planned by my client - a proud grandfather of a 1 year old boy. Besides doing the party decor I was assigned the job of creating hand-made invitations, banners and party favors. I have already shared the invitations and banners in my previous posts. And now was the time to design an extra-ordinary gift that his guests would cherish forever. A gift that is as unique as his grandson and fully personalized. So I started of with this sample..



However, I was not so pleased with the way the ribbons looked from the back.. so I did another set with hinges and photo hanger which looked like this..

Using these imported accessories hiked up the cost and so my client chose the first sample over this one.

Tier 1
Materials for Tier 1: 

6" x 6" Green Double-Sided Cardstock 
4" x 5" Cream Textured Cardstock 
7" designer ribbon
Two 2" sheer ribbons to hold the pieces
3-1/2" dotted ribbon for the top loop 
4mm antique copper brad
Damask Tiles (Flower) and
Adorning Corners (Flourish)
Sunflower & Cocoa
Glue Dots & Tombow 
Tier 2
Materials for Tier 2:

6" x 6" Orange Double-Sided Cardstock
2" x 6" Blue Double-Sided Cardstock
4" x 5" Maroon Textured Cardstock
Two 2" sheer ribbons to hold the pieces
Key to my heart (Flourish) and
Felicity (Bird)
Cocoa and Tulip

Tier 3
Materials for Tier 3:

6" x 6" Pink Double-Sided Cardstock
5" x 5" Blue Double-Sided Cardstock
Chocolate Distressing Ink
Star Power
Tombow & 3D Pop-Ups

Like I mentioned before, I did not like the look of the sheer ribbons that hold the two pages together. So I had made another hanging using 2 silver hinges and 8 silver brads.
Silver Hinges and Brads
 I also replaced the dotted ribbon loop with a silver photo hanger that looked like this..
Photo Hanger

It took me 3 full days to finish all of these 15 party favors. I hope you liked this project as much as my client did after seeing them all nicely gift wrapped and delivered on time.


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