Corporate Gifts

Giving unique customized gift to employees has become a trend in the corporate world. Few months ago we were blessed with such an order from none other than Hindustan Unilever Limited. We had to create 45 gifts in 48 hours. Now that was a challenge!

One fine Monday morning, I got a call from my teammate that she had been approached by the HR of HLL to create some handmade gifts by 3pm on Wednesday. At first it seemed an impossible task but we were all ready to take up this challenge. Immediately we emailed few samples of our work to the manager to get her approval. By Tuesday morning we got a go on doing this project and I packed up for Navi Mumbai. The most critical part was to come up with a design. By 9pm our design team was ready with three out of five designs which looked like this..

We had a peaceful dinner together and got back to our work of finishing two more samples wherein the design remained the same just the color of paper and background had changed.

By the time the clock struck twelve we all were yawning and our eyes were turning red. A good cup of coffee and bournvita for me was well deserved :) After having that we again got ourselves back to work in making more gifts. We each took turns in taking a few hours nap to keep our batteries charged. By 10 o'clock in the morning our gifts were all ready.  Now it had to be gift wrapped. A good breakfast got us on a fresh start and we successfully finished the entire project by the time the delivery was expected. 

Now we were only waiting to hear the feedback from the manager. She was very pleased with our work and that made our day!



  1. wow... this is fun... which one did they finally select!!!

  2. We had sent our previous artwork as samples and then these pieces were created only after the order was confirmed. There were 3 designs and 5 colors in total 45 pieces :)

  3. Congrats! Thats a big client. Great team work and e excellent cards :)

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