Scrapbook Journaling

A traditional photo album simply contains photographs of your loved ones and may be a few notes about them. But what about the memorabilia associated with those photos for eg. ticket stub, lock of hair from your baby's first hair cut or a newspaper clipping. Creating a scrapbook album is an amazing way to preserve and showcase these keepsakes. Memorabilia also acts as an embellishment on your page and helps in telling the story of those pictures in your album.

Journaling is also an essential part of scrapbooking. Through journaling you are not only recording all the important details about your photos but also conveying your personal feelings related to them. It is the journaling and memorabillia that makes your scrapbook much more interesting and memorable.

Photo Page with Journaling

Handwritten Journaling

Journaling is writing about the 5 W's - who, what, when, where and why of the pictures. It is important to record these facts, events and special things about your loved ones that may fade from your memories over time. Think of journaling as telling a story and write down all those things that you would say when you show your scrapbook to someone. 

There are several ways to make journaling more interesting and creative. There are writing templates available in the market in various shapes that you could use to add words to your page. You could also write around the edges of the photo mat. Another way to adorn your layouts is to include quotes, poems or even song lyrics to your page.
Below are a few worth reading articles on Journaling that I would like to share with you. This will help you get started with journaling and remove the fear factor that most commonly exists in beginners.

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Finally, there are many different ways to enhance your scrapbook with journaling. Remember that the more journaling you add to your page, the more value you create for your future generations.

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