School Project: Waste to Best

Few days ago my daughter came home reminding me of a project that she had to submit for her class. The requirements were to turn waste products into something decorative or useful. So here is what we did.

We started with collecting a bunch of waste products and tools required to work around with them. And here is what we found -

  • Metal container (in this case threptin biscuits)
  • Plastic cup
  • Straws
  • Toothpicks
  • Plaster 
  • Old wedding invitations
  • Ribbons
  • Paper 
  • Punches
  • Glue

And we turned it into -

Following are the steps to do this project -
  1. Take a plastic cup and add some water into a plaster to prepare the mold 
  2. Insert straws when the plaster is still wet and leave it out in the sun to dry
  3. After few hours your straws will be stuck in the plaster
  4. Now measure the length and width of the container and cut a patterned paper to cover it
  5. Stick this paper to the container with a strong glue 
  6. Next punch different shaped flowers using wedding invitations and bunch them together
  7. Once your flowers are glued insert a few toothpicks in your straws 
  8. Next open the lid of the container and glue the cup to the base
  9. Now cut some wedding invitations into a slim and long pieces of paper for grass/mud
  10. Stuff them to fill the gap between the plastic cup and the container
  11. Now you are ready to glue the flowers to the toothpicks with a 3D Foam 
  12. Finally tie a ribbon to decorate your container
Once the mold was ready it took us about 25 minutes to finish this project. Next some pictures were taken before my daughter took it to her school. While we were waiting for her bus, everyone started asking how we did it. At that time I found out that there was a competition and the best art would be selected. For a second I thought "I wish I had spent more time on the project to make it better" but now it was too late.

Hope you enjoyed reading this project as much as I enjoyed doing it with my lovely daughter.



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